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Jonah Series

March 24, 2016 | Published in NEWS

How do you transform a city?
The story of Jonah is a story of a man who’s message transformed a city when he didn’t want it to be transformed. Rather, He wanted God instead to judge it.

In the midst of this story, we see a testimony of God’s redemption. We see His mercy and love even for a city which really didn’t deserve it.

Fall Kickoff Sunday

September 4, 2015 | Published in NEWS


kickoffweb151KICKOFF SUNDAY 2015: Fall is almost here and we are excited to be getting back into full gear. At our Fall Kickoff service, September 13th, you will be introduced to some of our ministries and encouraged to get in the game. Our goal is that not only will you be more informed about what exactly we do here, but, if you consider this your church home, our desire is that you will commit to serving in one of our ministries. Our Sunday morning service will be followed by a MINISTRY FAIR in the gym that will include refreshments and information tables about our various ministries where you can have your questions answered and find opportunities to be used of God in one of our ministries.

Ephesians 4:115-6 says, ” speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ—from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”

If Jesus put your in our church, He put you their for a reason. You have passions, gifts and abilities that He wants to use in our church, for the sake of reaching the lost, making disciples and serving the body of Christ, and we want to help you find them.

New Sermon Series: “Discovering what it looks like to be a follower.”

September 8, 2014 | Published in NEWS

jamesfollowerThere are a lot of books and conferences out there on being a good leader. This is important, but all of us are also followers. Who do you follow? Christians claim to follow Christ, but what does that look like? Join us as we look into the book of James together to see what being a follower of Christ looks like according to the half brother of Jesus Himself.


Community Sermon Series

June 18, 2014 | Published in NEWS

community series #2Have you ever wondered what community within the church should look like? Have you ever longed for a tight-knit, mutually-supporting, world-reaching community? Our summer sermon series starts June 29th, entitled “Community.” We will be looking into what the Bible says about community by studying some of the “one another” commands of the New Testament. Our hope is that while we are working on our physical building – our love, relationships and support of one another will grow as well.


June 13, 2014 | Published in NEWS

We are excited to have the renovation coming near to completion. The renovation will include much needed replacement of the flooring, seating and updating the staging in the auditorium, along with replacing our aging audio/visual. We will also be making modifications to the children and nursery area along with updating the flooring and painting those areas.

The bulk of our renovation is complete and we are meeting again in our auditorium. Keep posted for an opportunity to contribute to our building campaign that will help us wrap up the final touches of this project and look towards phase two.

Ministry Teams

March 25, 2014 | Published in NEWS

Ministry Teams

We are excited to offer you an opportunity for greater involvement and input into our ministries through our ministry teams! Many of you have already heard from our congregational meetings that we are organizing all of our ministries into six ministry teams. These teams are for the purpose of getting individuals who serve, or wish to serve, in various ministries with similar overall purpose to evaluate how we do what we do; to offer up ideas and engage in the work of doing them better. These teams also help us organize how we use our budget in engaging in the work of disciple making. Two of the teams have meetings scheduledand anyone who attends our church can attend the meetings and offer input and ideas. Anyone may offer input or express interest for involvement to the other teams by contacting the team leader of each team. Here is a description of each team:

Connecting Team

The connecting team includes those ministries that help us make disciples within the church, strengthen relationships and serve one another. The connecting team would include ministries like Sunday School, Sunday and Wednesday children’s ministries, nursery, welcoming team, bereavement, deaconesses ministries, bookstore, church fellowships and activities, home groups etc. This team is led by Justin Welch. The first meeting for this team is Thursday, May 8th at 7pm.

Outreach Team

The outreach team includes those ministries that exist for the purpose of reaching our community and world with the gospel and serving our community with the love of Christ. This would include ministries like community car wash, summer children’s outreach, Good News club, missions, food pantry, website, delta prison ministry, Christmas outreach, emergency response, compassion ministries, promotion, Thornton fest outreach, Christianity Explored course, etc. This team is lead by Michael Hughes and Jeremy Wheeler. Their first meeting is Sunday, May 18th after Sunday School.

Some ministries fit well under both connecting and outreach team, like Acts of Kindness and Ladies

Worship Team

The worship team includes those ministries that are involved in any way in our Sunday worship. This includes music, media, audio/visual, drama etc. This team is led by our pastors. Please let us know if you would like to help or have any skills in this area.

Youth Team

The youth team includes all ministries that have anything to do with our youth ministries. This would include Wednesday night youth group, youth trips and youth outreaches. This team is lead by Pastor Aaron. Please speak to Pastor Aaron if you have an interest in this ministry.

Building and Grounds Team

The building and grounds team cares for our property and facilities and is in charge of approving use of the building, caring for our property and handling expenditures related to our property. This team is lead by Kent Welch. We encourage you to let this team know if you are able to assist in any way in the care of our property and buildings. 

Finance Team

The finance team is in charge of keeping track of church finances, overseeing expenditures, organizing and reporting on our annual budget. This team is lead by Dale Wiles and Ron Byers. Each year they will collect information from our other teams regarding recommendations for our budget. Please let a team leader know if you have any skills in the area of finance.



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