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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Turning the upside down…Inside out

August 25, 2013 | Published in SERMON SERIES

by: Aaron Hart


Turning the upside down .. Inside Out

Relational Conflict & Forgiveness

August 16, 2013 | Published in Counseling

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why is there so much conflict in the world?
  • Why do I get angry?
  • What does the way that I treat others say about me?
  • What do I do when someone refuses to forgive me?

Find answers to these and other questions on the topic of Relational Conflict and Forgiveness in this six minute video from Paul Tripp.

James 4:1 – “Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?”

The Jesus I Used to Know

August 11, 2013 | Published in SERMON SERIES

by: Brian Dare

Series: Matthew

Matthew 26:14-75

The Jesus I Used to Know

Clean Cars and Our Community

August 7, 2013 | Published in community


2013-08-03 09.53.14

Last Saturday over 100 cars of Northglenn and Thornton descended upon our church’s parking lot for our annual community car wash. We do this every year with the express purpose of serving and getting to know the neighbors of our community. And for that, it was a success and then some.


We had a great showing as our members came out to spend some time in the sun and suds to show the love of Christ by the simple gesture of washing our neighbor’s cars. I was thrilled to see so many of our members come out and enthusiastically get to work, or mingle with the individuals of our community. We accept no donations. Every year I hear over and over again the gratefulness and surprise of our community that anyone in the world would still show this type of kindness.  But we don’t pat ourselves on the back for being particularly sacrificial. The fun we have serving together and the over-the-top gratitude expressed by the folks of our community is worth much more than any dollar bills and donation buckets could ever provide. In addition to giving our community the gift of clean cars, we also made sure they were well fed, and left each person with a reusable canvas grocery sack. The canvas sack had our logo and info printed on the front, and more detailed information on our church, our services, and our children’s ministries inside.  This was a hit, as people where shocked that not only were they prohibited from giving us any donations, but that we wanted to give them food and more stuff as they left. This lead to a lot of conversations about the specifics of who we are as a church, our ministries and service times. Many expressed interest in attending our church and some of the members of our community promised to visit a worship service or AWANA program. This came without any leading questions, sales pitches or pressure of any kind. Our goal was simple: show the love of Christ and get to know our community. The community responded with taking great interest in our church and the gospel message.


I just want to leave you with one very exciting conversation I had with a young man in our community. I was just about ready to take the last two bites of my hotdog, when he came up to our food table and I introduced myself.  Not 10 seconds after telling me his name he said, “There is a reason God has me here today, and I don’t know what it is.” He went on to tell me that he and God weren’t on very good terms, that he was starting to lose faith in some basic truths about God that he once believed in as a child. He also confessed that he knew he was running from God and didn’t know what to do about it. We had a wonderful heart to heart conversation, as I began to tell some of my own story and relay to him the beautiful truths of the gospel of grace. While there were some elements concerning of the gospel that he knew, much of it seemed like he was hearing it for the first time, or at least, as they say, “all over again, for the very first time.”  We talked for some time, and he really seemed like he was putting some of the pieces together of how he should respond. It was obvious God was trying to get his attention. As we parted he was lit up with gratefulness and said again, “I know God sent me here for a reason today.”


Thank you those of you who prayed, served, donated and mingled. And to Brandon Wiles who spearheaded this effort. God really blessed last Saturday. You may be noticing some new faces in our church, some of those have come as a result of the past couple of weeks of outreach into our community. Make sure you go out of your way to greet and welcome them. Also, be in prayer as we gear up to go into Mally Drive Elementary School for the Good News Club set to start after the beginning of the school year.

– Pastor Brian

More photos here

Is Jesus Just for Good People?

August 4, 2013 | Published in SERMON SERIES

by: Brian Dare

Series: Matthew

Matthew 26:1-13

Is Jesus Just for Good People?



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