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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Breakfast With the Pastor

July 31, 2013 | Published in August

This is for anyone who want to join Pastor Brian for breakfast at the Egg and I  in Thornton. Please RSVP at if you plan to come.

Chaplin John Murdoch

| Published in August

Chaplin John Murdoch will be here bringing us the Word during our worship service and giving us a review and update of the GARBC’s ministry to our armed forces.

Read more about this ministry here


AWANA Begins

| Published in Calendar

AWANA is an exciting Wednesday night children’s program designed to teach children about God through the teaching and memorization of the Bible, mentorship under godly adults, and fun activities.

AWANA runs throughout the school year starting September 4th. Wednesday nights at 6:45.

Reflections on GNAA

| Published in Children

Our Good News Across America outreach was a wonderful week. I want to thank all of those who were involved. We were able to reach many children and families in our community with the message of the gospel, some of whom have never really heard it before. Here are some reflections that I have had from last week:

1) I am incredibly grateful for this church body
Our church really showed up for this outreach. So many came and helped, others told me they were praying and those who weren’t able to come all week showed up at the rally to help and meet the people of our community. I am so grateful for how our church came together to make this event happen
2) The number you reach matters, but the individuals you reach matter much more.
As Bonnie, the director of our GNAA stated, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers at these kinds of outreaches; i.e. how many kids showed up, how many made professions of faith, how many families came to our rally, how many unchurched kids did we reach with the gospel etc. This is not unimportant. If your heart is in the right place, It is a good desire to want to reach as many children as you can with an outreach ministry. I agree with the statement that if you reach one child then its worth it all, but if reaching one child is really that significant, and it is, than how much better would it be to reach 100? However at the same time there is something more important than those numbers, and that is the individuals we reach. Our largest club, by a long shot, was club #2. The other two clubs where pretty small, and our first club was the smallest. But it was in that club where one boy not only made a profession of faith, but also expressed a lot of interest in spiritual things. It was obvious that God was really working in this young man’s heart.  Yes, numbers matter, but the individuals we reach matter more.
3) We live in a very diverse, multi-colored community
I will continue to beat this drum. Every time we do an outreach I am always impressed by how incredibly diverse our community is. Unfortunately our congregation doesn’t quite reflect that same diversity. It think its evidence, among other tell-tale signs that our church is struggling to reach the community it is in.  That is not a criticism as much as it is a challenge. I would like for us all to do whatever it takes to be a light house in this community so that our church begins to look like the very people we have been called to reach. There are a lot of things that could be said here, but I think the key ingredient to reaching our community effectively is getting outside of our doors and showing the love of Christ to them. The selfless love of Christ is a powerful thing. We started to take some intentional steps decidedly in that direction last week.
4) The power of prayer
There was a lot of prayer poured into this event, and God really worked. What could God do if we really fully depended on Him, and really became a church known as a praying people? May God be glorified in us when we are fully dependent on Him. Want to join us in prayer? Join us in a home group, starting back up in September, or in one of our two dedicated prayer times. Wed. @ 5:30pm and Fri. @ 7am. 
5). There are a lot of people out there who need to hear the gospel
Some of the families we were reaching were without a basic understanding of the gospel. These are families right in our back yard. I simply can’t even go to a local grocery store in our community anymore without thinking about all of the families in the grocery store with me who do not yet know the good news of God’s grace and salvation. This spurs me on even more to want to reach them. What can we as a church do next to reach the lost that live right in our back yard? This week is our community carwash. Are you able and planning on coming? Also we plan on starting an after school Good News Club coming up in September. Be praying as we get more information on this outreach as to how you might be involved. 

More pictures from the event here.

Will Jesus Judge Me?

July 28, 2013 | Published in SERMON SERIES

by: Brian Dare

Series: Matthew

Matthew 25:31-46

Will Jesus Judge Me?

Royal Baby

July 25, 2013 | Published in DOCTRINE

image from Matt Dunham/AP

Why are we as Americans so enamored with this royal baby who’s name we now know: George Alexander Louis? Is it because the idea of royalty itself is so foreign to us here in the US? Is it that we are romantically enamored with the destiny that surrounds this child? Is it because of we love the story and the history of this baby being called heir to the throne before he was even born? Perhaps all of these ideas are true to some extent. But when you think about it, the royal baby has very little to do with us. And do princes, kings and queens even have much political pull in the UK anymore? But what we can say is it seems that there hasn’t been this much pomp and media coverage around a birth of a baby in a long time, and if you haven’t heard about the royal baby until the reading of this post, then well, you’ve been living under a rock.

All of this reminds me of another royal birth. One that occurred 2000 years ago. This baby was destined for royalty as well, this baby had a specific purpose for coming into the world as well. But instead of being accompanied by BBC news reporters, and high brow crowds camping out just to get a glimpse, this baby was born in a barn, greeted by shepherds. However, the entourage wasn’t too shabby when angels where singing His praises. You of course, know what baby I’m talking about. Its the man who we will gather to worship this Sunday.


This is also man whom we will also study as we start our final series in Matthew: “Jesus: Who is He really?”


As I said, Jesus was destined for royalty. And as a King, He has been given ultimate power, all encompassing authority. We have come to know Him as God in the flesh. Matthew presents Him as King. A King who was rejected. A King who was opposed. A King – as Matthew will soon cover – who was crucified.   But as we have been listening to Jesus at the end of Matthew, he has been giving us some of the descriptions about what it will be like when He comes the second time. This time not as a baby, but as King of the universe, and no one will contest His authority. Matthew in these final chapters is really zeroing in on who Jesus really is. He has been showing us that He is King, He has been teaching us what it means to follow Him and now at the end of the Olivet discourse of Matthew 25 we discover that this Jesus, this King, will be the one to judge the world. But that idea that Jesus will judge us has become increasingly unpopular. Jesus, for many, is nothing more than a good luck charm, or a man you go to if you have some kind of problem, or more accurately, some might see Him as a benevolent helper – but not Lord, not King, not one who will ultimately be my judge.


But that is how Matthew presents Him. So that we are going to seek to answer this Sunday is “Will Jesus judge me?” The answer of course is, “yes.” But that leads us to another question, “How can I be confident I will make it through His judgment and be saved in the end?” Jesus warns us that there will be quite a few who will think they will be saved, but they will be turned away. How, then, can we have confidence before Him at His judgement?

Join us this Sunday to see what Jesus has to say in Matthew 25 about this question.


Friday Night Kid’s Rally

| Published in Uncategorized


Come join us for our Friday Night Kids Rally, tomorrow July 26th, for some free Food, Games, Prizes, Bounce House and Celebration. This is event is open to the public and is for all children and their families who want to attend.  It will be held at Calvary Community Baptist Church at 11980 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO.


For more information call or email us at the office: 303-452-0056 / Join us and bring a friend!

Wasted Grace = Wasted Life

July 21, 2013 | Published in SERMON SERIES

by: Brian Dare

Series: Matthew

Matthew 25:14-30

Wasted Grace = Wasted Life

Jesus: Who is He?

July 18, 2013 | Published in Uncategorized

JesuswhoishepptOur final sermon series in Matthew starts July 28th uncovering the question

“Jesus: Who is He?” 

We may talk about Him a lot, but do we really know Him? Understanding who Jesus really is has a significant impact on your life now, and if what Jesus said is correct, your life after. Join us as we finish our series in Matthew exploring who Jesus is and seeking an answer to some of the following questions:



– Will Jesus ever judge me? 
– Is Jesus only for good people? 
– What if I thought I knew Jesus at one time, but now I’m not so sure?
– Why exactly did Jesus die…and what difference does that really make for me?
– Did Jesus really rise again…and what difference does that really make for me?
– What does following Jesus really mean? And am I one of His followers?


Does Parenting Wear You Out?

July 16, 2013 | Published in Children

Here is a convicting Parenting thought:

As Parents, you and I are called to represent the very nature of God to our children! 

Click here to read a great article on parenting from Paul Tripp.

Here are a couple of quotes, but be sure to read the whole article!  Hang in there – we are in this parenting thing together!

“You don’t discipline your child because they’ve messed up your day and you have the right to meet out your anger against him. No, you discipline your child because you want that child to begin to embrace the depth of their sin, and therefore, the depth of their need, and therefore, hunger for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“You’ll want to throw in the towel. It’s not easy to say no to a self-sovereign child. In many ways, the easiest life as a parent comes when you give your child whatever they want. It’s going to be very tempting to make your day easier by making your child happier by withdrawing your authority.”



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